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Department of Psychology
Interpersonal Perception and Communication Lab


Zorana Ivcevic

Zorana Ivcevic, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Associate

Contact Information:

490 Boston Avenue
Department of Psychology
Tufts University
Medford, MA 02155

Telephone: (603) 866-9878

E-mail : zorana.ivcevic@tufts.edu


I have several lines of research that examine the broad topic of how behavior and self-perceptions change across social contexts, from microsituations in the laboratory to different cultural contexts.

One line of research examines how people act and how they are perceived in different social situations. This research shows that people are able to accurately judge othersŐ based on very limited information only when the situation is relevant to the attributes being judged. Also, I study online social networking communities as a (relatively) new social environment and find both cross-situational similarities and differences with consequences for well-being and social closeness.

Another line of research examines the narrative self. I study autobiographical memories of positive and negative self-esteem experiences across age groups and across cultures. What kinds of personal experiences do people associate with positive and negative self-esteem? What are cross-cultural similarities and differences in self-esteem memories? Do attributes of autobiographical memories change as cultures change?

My third line of research examines creativity across achievement contexts and across cultures. This research shows that there are distinct types of creativity and that these types are related to different traits and attitudes, as well as outcomes of psychological well-being. Current research examines cultural differences in attitudes towards creativity and creative behavior. How do cultural differences in deference to authority influence evaluations of creativity and creative production? How can the effects of cultural sets be mitigated to maximize creative thinking?

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